I have structured regular courses in the Basic Tecniques of tango.  There are three course that cover very Basics of Tango technique and vocabulary and another three that cover slightly more challenging and elaborate ‘Basics’. All are designed to develop your tango techniques and musicality. They that take you from your very beginning steps through to higher quality tango dancing.

The quote “A minute to learn, a lifetime to master” could so very easily be applied to tango dancing. As a community we are committed to continuously working with our own body in a ‘tango way’ to create the best we can with what we have.

There are  regular assistants – Sandie, Mach, Sam and Ann, who are a wonderful help in these courses and in encouraging everyone.  Leander (who was my assistant in Chester and now runs her own classes in Wilmslow) and Sandie attended the Tango Teachers course in El Corte in 2011.  John (who is a ‘sometime’ assistant and has run classes of his own in Bangor) went  on it in 2013 and Mach went in 2016. I have attended this course three times now and it was, without doubt, one of the most useful times I have had in tango – thank-you very much Eric.

Basic Technique 1 – This is 15 – 20 hours of  course,  covered in weekly one hour classes.  It offers a large proportion of the basic techniques of tango. Every one is encouraged to attend this set of classes many times to work on their basic skills. The Basic Technique 1 course is suitable for beginners.  Booking is required for these courses.

The Basic Techniques 1 course is offered in three places:-

Chester (Pulford) on a Sunday –  New courses start in September, January and after Easter.

Oswesrty (Pant) on a Monday -  New courses start in Setpember, January and after Easter.

Shrewsbury (Atcham) on a Thursday -  New courses start in September, January and after Easter.

Basic Technique 2 – This is 24/30 hours of course material covering more of the basic techniques of tango. The is covered over a few terms, not just in one term. During this time your tango develops in technique as well as vocabulary and the close embrace develops. To attend this course you must have completed the Basic Technique 1 course. In your first few attendances of this course it is obligatory to attend the Basic Technique 1 course too – there is no extra charge for this.

This course is offered in three places:-

Chester (Pulford) on a Sunday – in January, after Easter and September

Shrewsbury (Atcham) on a Thursday - in January, after Easter and September

Oswestry (Pant) on a Monday - in January, after Easter and September.

Basic Techniques  3, 3+, 3++, 3+++ and on ….  are covered in Class 3 in both Chester, Shrewsbury and now Pant on a Monday evening. To attend this class you will need to have 18 months of experience or more and already be comfortable with close embrace. It depends on how regularly you attend class, how many you do each week, if you get to dances/practicas etc as to when exactly this class is viable for you.

This course is offered in three places:-

Chester (Pulford) on a Sunday - in January, after Easter and September

Shrewsbury (Atcham) on a Thursday - in January, after Easter and September

Oswestry (Pant) on a Monday - in January, after Easter and September.

Consolidation technique and focus on Musicality  as we have re-organised the classes and times the consolidation happens throughout the year by re-visiting the Basic Techniques 1 and 2 courses. This can also happen by attending the Monday evening class in Pant, 7:30pm. This class is open to all who attend either Shrewsbury or Chester classes, as well as Pant.

Musicality Class - Pant on a Wednesday – this is open to those who have completed all three Basic Technique Courses ( 1 + 2 + 3) and with over two years of tango class/practica. All the work included in Wednesday is centred around specific orchestras or a song. It is essential that you are a comfortable ‘close embracer’ before attending this Class.

Friday Night Class:- For those wishing to work on their tango in more detail. For people who have to have been dancing for over a year and are interested in developing their basic technique. This Friday Night list is by invitation only. This is not a move based class, although sometimes the technique leads to beautiful movements. This class is attended in couples only and requires booking, limited places due to the type of work we do in the class. This class has myself teaching and sometimes with Attilla. Sadly for us Attilla is moving to Cambridge in early Summer 2015 for her job and will no longer be able to work so regularly with us on a Friday Night. Visiting teachers also take this class when they come to us, for example Eric Jorissen of El Corte, Siobhan Richards and Bennie Bartels.

Other Saturday courses-

Ladies Technique:- these happen a few times each year, sometimes with myself and some times with visiting teachers e.g. Siobhan. They are held in Pant, on a Saturday or Sunday.

Men’s Technique:- these also happen a few times a year, sometimes with myself and sometimes with visiting teachers e.g. Eric. They are held in Pant, on a Saturday or Sunday.

I know I’m  not a man but this is what the men voted for in this case and I start them off with a technical focus them leave them to work together for much of the rest of the time.

DJing:- one day course with follow ups and support for those wishing to develop their interest in this area. With the potential to DJ for some time during our monthly Milongas.

One Day Intensives:- 3, 4 or 5 hours to work in a particular area. Sometimes for those bridging the gap between Basic Techniques 1 and 2 course, sometimes ‘milonga’ :) etc etc They are ‘supply to the demand’ type days, if enough people want them/need then and there is the opportunity I put them on. They work very well to develop a specific area of tango in a short space of time.

Exchanging Roles:- as it says, the Ladies take the lead and the Gentlemen follow. Although several women have taken the leading role as well as their own role over the past five years not so many men have  taken the following role – however now there is a change with men wanting to explore this role ‘properly’, take class and work on it, very exciting, and we are doing classes on a Saturday every month/six weeks – 3 hours of class in one go. This way people may keep to their original role during normal weekly class whilst exploring the new one :)

Enough eh??!