We are very lucky to have some excellent visiting tango dancers and teachers to accompany me in running workshops.

We are also lucky enough to have ERIC JORISSEN from El Corte in Nijmegen, The Netherlands comes to our community each year 🙂 a truly fabulous teacher.  Autumn seems to be his time 🙂

Siobhan Richards also still visits us  🙂 She is a regular visitor to our community, helping us develop musically and technically.

Bennie Bartels, from the Netherlands, brings all his dance experience and amazing body work for us to grow from and he usually gets to us twice a year. This allows us to gradually build up our ‘Tango Body’. Of course we work at this all year around but the experience with Bennie allows his unique and very experienced input to bring even more body awareness and development.

Komala and Stefan, from The Netherlands, also working in El Corte, come now in May to our community 🙂 lucky us 🙂 🙂

We have had many other visiting teachers over  the years:– Haydyn Brown, from Chippenham, who was with us regularly for the Friday Night Classes from 2009, Attilla Ting, from Tango Cheshire, who has now moved to Cambridgeshire, Dirk from Germany with the Feldenkrais work, Marc from The Netherlands, Korey, from the USA, Anna from Leeds, Sabra from Houston, USA, Sophie from France.


After Covid

Sadly all of our visiting teachers haven’t been able to get here in this last year 🙁 … if even they could there wouldn’t have been anyone to teach for the majority of the time!

We have to wait a while before we take a look at how that works in the future.


Saturday Classes for 2021: 

These classes are in Pant Village Hall and run from 11am – 2:30pm.

Each class requires booking, none of these class requires a partner!

23rd October 2021:- “Followers Technique”. Open to all followers, ladies and gentlemen and gentlemen leaders who are interested in the followers part – i.e. open to ALL of you! 🙂

27th November 2021 – “The Conversation”. Open to you all 🙂

These classes will be run by Sharon Koch, booking via email on



Siobhan Richards is with us in January 2020 🙂 “this was our last visiting teacher”

Komala and Stefan are with us again in May 2020, “sadly this didn’t happen :(“

Bennie Bartels is with us for June AND November 2019, “we enjoyed these and have to wait for some more!”


Book with Sharon:-