We are very lucky to have some excellent visiting tango dancers and teachers to accompany me in running workshops.

We are also lucky enough to have ERIC JORISSEN from El Corte in Nijmegen, The Netherlands comes to our community each year :) a truly fabulous teacher.  Autumn seems to be his time :)

Bennie Bartels, from the Netherlands brings all his dance experience and amazing body work for us to grow from and he usually gets to us twice a year. This allows us to gradually build up our ‘Tango Body’. Of course we work at this all year around but the experience with Bennie allows his unique and very experienced input to bring even more body awareness and development.

Komala and Stefan, from The Netherlands, also working in El Corte, come now in May to our community :) lucky us :) :)

We have had other teachers too who have offered us great input over the years – Siobhan Richards, who although lives in The Netherlands, was a regular visitor to our community, helping us develop musically and technically, who is now aiming to take on full time employment and can no longer get to us. Haydyn Brown, from Chippenham, who was with us regularly for the Friday Night Classes from 2009, Attilla Ting, from Tango Cheshire, who has now moved to Cambridgeshire, Dirk from Germany with the Feldenkrais work, Marc from The Netherlands, Korey, from the USA, Anna from Leeds, Sabra from Houston, USA, Sophie from France, living in Spain

Saturday Classes for the Autumn Term 2017:-

Saturday 23rd September  - “Connection, connection, connection”

Tango is all about connection, with yourself, the music, your partner, the room of people you are dancing among – but all of this requires skills – so we take the time during this afternoon to develop them further :)

This class is open to all those who have completed at least one term of Tango.  Whenever we dance with someone it is the way that we feel that defines whether we classify a dance as good, great, Okish, not to good …. etc And how we feel at the end of the dance is to do with its musical connection and the connection that we make with the person we dance with.

We will work on techniques to create quality movement, using the floor and balanced body movements. How you use your own body impacts on your partner, so lets make it strong, balanced and sensitive, so that we can move easily with the musical input. Therefore creating the best connections that we can :)

Please email me at  to book onto this course – thank-you.

In Pant Village Hall, Pant, SY10 9QG, 1pm – 5pm, £25 per person.

Saturday 25th November“Dancing to Modern Tango Music”

This course is open to those of you who are already comfortable in close embrace and  have a two or more years experience in tango. (This class is not for beginners) We will be working with the open embrace techniques that work so well for this type of music. Quite a technique based class this, whilst using the music to promote the movements.

Please email me at  to book onto this course – thank-you.

In Pant Village Hall, Pant, SY10 9QG, 1pm – 5pm, £25 per person.

Eric is coming to us in October 2017 :) :)

We are very lucky in that Eric Jorissen, founder of El Corte, in Nijmegen,  Netherlands will again be with us for three hours of Class on

Sunday 29th October – 3pm – 7pm.

Eric is a fabulous teacher with an amazing depth of background in Tango. He transmits his boundless enthusiasm for tango along with his insights into our dance, all delivered with much grace and humour, making this an afternoon to fill up your tango soul.

This Class requires booking on to in couples. It is open to all those who are already on the “Friday Night” list or who have three years, or more, experience. Please email me at  to book onto this Class.

In Pant Village Hall, Pant, SY10 9QG, 3pm – 7pm, £40 per person.


Classes for the Spring Term 2018 

Dates yet to be confirmed.