We are very lucky to have some excellent visiting tango dancers and teachers to accompany me in running workshops.

We are also lucky enough to have ERIC JORISSEN from El Corte in Nijmegen, The Netherlands comes to our community each year 🙂 a truly fabulous teacher.  Autumn seems to be his time 🙂

Siobhan Richards also still visits us  🙂 She is a regular visitor to our community, helping us develop musically and technically.

Bennie Bartels, from the Netherlands, brings all his dance experience and amazing body work for us to grow from and he usually gets to us twice a year. This allows us to gradually build up our ‘Tango Body’. Of course we work at this all year around but the experience with Bennie allows his unique and very experienced input to bring even more body awareness and development.

Komala and Stefan, from The Netherlands, also working in El Corte, come now in May to our community 🙂 lucky us 🙂 🙂

We have had many other visiting teachers over  the years:– Haydyn Brown, from Chippenham, who was with us regularly for the Friday Night Classes from 2009, Attilla Ting, from Tango Cheshire, who has now moved to Cambridgeshire, Dirk from Germany with the Feldenkrais work, Marc from The Netherlands, Korey, from the USA, Anna from Leeds, Sabra from Houston, USA, Sophie from France.

Saturday Classes for 2020:-

These classes are open to all. They are all in Pant Village hall, SY10 9QG and run from 1pm- 5pm and cost £25 per person.

You do need to book on, either with a partner or as a single as I limit the places.

The Saturday classes are special in that we have the whole afternoon to focus on one aspect of the dance. The theme of this coming year is to explore various orchestras and work on our dance to dance more sympathetically with the dynamic of their music 🙂 We will have great fun finding what works for each orchestra! You can attend them all or pick those you would like the most – naturally it is more advantageous to attend all of them as it gives the most complete picture of the music.

11th January – D’Arienzo

22nd February – Early Tipica Music – a variety of orchestras that played in the 1920’s/early ’30’s, on which our Tango music is based.

28th March – Di Sarli

25th April – Laurenz

23rd May – Troilo

11th July – Donato/Canaro

? 22nd August? – ??

26th September – Pugliese

24th October – Biagi

28th November – ??

You will see that I have a ‘?’ by the August Saturday Class:- that is because I am not sure how many of you would like a class then??? If you do then I will give you the choice of the remaining two possibilities that I have identified, otherwise we have the one that I will chose in November!!? 🙂

Please email me at  to book onto this course – thank-you.


Saturday Classes for the Autumn term 2019

14th September – “Exchanging Roles”

Taking on the other role is an excellent way to refine your own tango role :):) For some it is a bit of a challenge and for others it is liberating! In the earlier days of tango in Argentina when there were fewer women in the community all the leaders learnt with other leaders until they were considered good enough to dance with the ladies …. then the ladies  learnt with experienced leaders. It isn’t really viable to run classes like that here but it is a very useful in developing your own skills … knowing the other role. This class is open to all regardless of length of experience in tango.

12th October – “Followers Technique”

This class is open to all, both ladies and gentlemen! and any length of experience 🙂  Obviously we will work on the techniques required for following, of which there are quite a few 🙂 Great afternoon for developing your tango – everyone is welcome.

23rd November – “Dancing in your other role”

This class is open to those who have already attended classes in their ‘other’ role and the emphasis will be on Dancing. This is a very different experience to ‘the class’ and really requires a higher level of skill – which we will be working during the afternoon 🙂

Please email me at  to book onto any of these courses – thank-you.


Siobhan Richards is with us in January 2020

Siobhan is here for a Friday Night Class only this time:-

Friday 24th January – “TBC – but I remember correctly we will be moving on from “Troilo in 1941” to “Troilo 1942 – 1945”

Open to those on the Friday Night Class list or those with more than three years of tango experience. This class cost £25 per person and is in Pant Village Hall, Pant, SY10 9QG

Komala and Stefan are with us again in May 2020

Friday 8th May – A Friday Night Class – the topic is “Colgadas”

Open to those on the Friday Night Class list or those with more than three years of tango experience. This class cost £25 per person and is in Pant Village Hall, Pant, SY10 9QG

Bennie Bartels is with us for June AND November 2019 

Friday 21st June – A Friday Night Class 

And Bennie is with us for the Thursday night class in Atcham Shrewsbury on 20th June.


November Class with Bennie:-

8th November – A FridayNight Class in Pant Village Hall (those with over three years experience) Booking is required as there are limited places. Please book on in couples as this is the person that you will work with for the majority of the time in this class.

Book with Sharon:-