Tango Music

Responding to several requests here is a page on music – that is CD’s that can start your tango collection or enhance and widen your collection.

Please let me be clear – this is not a definitive list! It could be somewhere that you start to explore what the different orchestras have to offer.

There are very many many tango CD’s and every one has their own particular taste, these are only suggestions.


Alfredo de Angelis – ‘Alfredo de Angelis’ on the From Argentina to the World label.

Angel D’Agostino – ‘RCA Victor Angel D’Agostino and Angel Vargas’,  Angels D’Agostino & Vargas Vols 1,2,3,4.

Anibal Troilo – ‘Sus Ultimas Instrumentales’,  ‘Anibal Troilo con Pichuco – Milongas y Valses’ and “El inmortal Pichico” tracks from 1941 – fabulously up-beat.

Carlos di Sarli – Earlier music – ‘Coleccion 78RPM 1928/1931’

Later music – ‘1940/1943’, ‘Instrumentales Vol 1 and/or  Vol 2’. and  ‘RCA Victor 100 Anos’.

Edgardo Donato – ‘Coleccion 78RPM 1933 -1941’,  ‘Edgardo Donato y sus Muchachos Orquestra Donato-Zerrillo’.

Enrique Rodriguez – ‘Solos de Orchestra’, “Tangos con Armanda Moreno vol 2”, “Flores/Rodriguez, – Sus primeros éxitos”-Reliquias, “El “Chato” Flores en el Recuerdo”, ‘Tangos, Valses y Milongas’

Francisco Canaro – ‘La Melodia de Nuestro Adios’,  ‘Bailande Tangos, Valses y Milongas’,  ‘Mano Brava’ “Pura Milonga 1932 – 1934” – fantastically fun rhythms.

Francisco Lomoto – ‘1931/1950 – B.G.M.’.

Julio De Caro – ‘Julio de Caro y su Sexeto 1924-1928 Todo Corazon’.

Juan D’Arienzo – ‘Sus Primeres exitos Vol 1’,  ‘Juan D’Arienzo  con su Orquestra 1947/1952’,  ‘El Esquinazo 1937/38’

Lucio Demare – ‘Tango Guapo’.

Miguel Calo – ‘Al Compas del Corazon’,  ”Miguel Calo y sus Orquestra tipica – Yo Soy el Tango’.

Osvaldo Fresedo – Earlier music – ‘Arrabalero’,

Mid-1930’s music – ”Vida Mia’ or ‘Tangos de Salon (with/con Roberto Ray)’, ‘1938/1948’.

For later (’50’s and ’60’s)and 1931 – Rendezvous Porteno.

Osvaldo Pugliese – ‘Ausencien’,  ‘Recuerdo’, Osvaldo Pugliese’s ‘Reliquias Instrumentales Involdables’, “Sus éxitos con Roberto Chanel”

Orquestra Tipica Victor – Coleccion 78RPM – ‘1930/1944’ and/or ‘1929/1944’, these are tipical examples of earlier music recorded by the session musicians.

Pedro Laurenz – “Creaciones Inovidables con Modesta y Bermudez”, “1937/1943” (this is with some tracks with Casas singing)

Ricardo Tanturi – ‘Una Emotion’ with Campos and ‘Tangos de mi Ciudad’ with Castillo.

Roberto Firpo – ‘De la Gaurdia Vieja’,  ‘Las Grande Orquestras del Tango, 40 grande exitos’.

Rodulfo Biagi – ‘Rodulfo Biagi Y su Orquestra tipica, sus exitos con Jorge Ortiz Vol 2’,  ‘Rodulfo Biagi y su Orquestra tipica’ on the From Argentina to the World label.

Michael Lavocah of Milonga.co.uk has some great CDs, good recordings and well worth a purchase. Tango Collection is the group of CDs. Francisco Lomuto, Roberto Firpo and Juan D’Arienzo are Siobhan’s pick.

To find them go to the website milonga.co.uk and then the tab ‘catelogues’, then choose ‘Tango Collection (RGS)

NEO/FUSION Tango:- (recorded more recently)

Bajofondo – ‘Tangoclub’.

Gotan Project – ‘Lunatico’,  ‘La Revancha del tango’.

Juan Carlos Caceres – ‘Murga Argentine’.

Otros Aires – ‘Otros Aires’,  ‘Dos’.

A compilation 2 Cd set – ‘Nu Tango’.


Astor Piazzolla – beautiful music, for the most part to listen to, many CDs, choose any!