The Argentine Tango classes in Shrewsbury are on a Thursday evening.

New Venue!! from 31st March 2016:- The Malthouse, Malthouse Lane, Atcham, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 6QE


New Term starts on Thursday 4th January 2018

New Beginners Course at 7pm on that Thursday, 4th January.

Class times :-

7pm – 8pm = Class 1 = Basic Techniques 1 course, suitable for beginners

8:05pm – 8:45pm = Class 2 = Basic Techniques 2 course, open to those who have already completed Basic Techniques 1 course or more!! :)

9pm – 9:45pm = Class 3 = Basic Techniques 3++++ Suitable for those with 18 + months experience or more and already comfortable inclose embrace.

Dancing until 10pm

To enrol for this new beginners course please contact Sharon on

Cost:- It is £7:50 per evening if you pay in advance or £10 a night if you pay-as-you-go. This Spring term is 13 weeks so it is £97.50 if you wish to pay in advance.

Tango visitors to Shrewsbury:- These courses are now for those that are ‘booked on’ rather than ‘drop in’ – however if you are a tango dancer and a guest to Shrewsbury wishing to join us for the evening please do, we would love to dance with you :)