Friday nights

Started in January 2010 and continuing :)

From January 2010 there will be a Friday Night Class on the second and forth Friday of the month.

These two hour workshops are for people who would like to work on their tango in more detail. We don’t do lots of moves, although sometimes the work leads to wonderful new movements.

You need to have been attending class and practicas for a minimum of a year.

This event is available by invitation only.

You become part of a ‘Friday night’ list and then you may sign on for which ever Friday nights you wish, well until they are full!

Booking is required for all Friday evenings.

Responding to demand I have altered the configuration of the Friday nights a little so we have:-

2nd  and 4th Friday’s of the month:-

Times:- 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Class:- 7:545pm – 10pm, If we are all there we start at 7:45pm and have a 15 minute break half way through, so still finishing at 10pm.

Practica:- 7:30pm – 7:45pm  &  10pm – 10:30pm

Cost:- £17. (visiting teachers cost more, e.g. £25 (but still far less than travelling to their regular place of work!!!!)

Venue -

Pant Village Hall, Pant, SY10 9QQ, unless otherwise stated.


 Friday night dates for 2016 (July + Autumn Term, September – December)

All classes are in Pant Village Hall unless otherwise stated.

Autumn Term:-

9th December:- with Bennie :)

10th December:- a Saturday ‘Morning’ with Bennie.  Approx 12noon – 3pm

Spring Term 2017   - Booking opens on the 12th December, I will email out on the 12th.

13th January – with Sharon

27th January – with Sharon

10th February – with Sharon

24th February – with Siobhan

10th March – with Sharon

24th March – with Sharon

14th April is Good Friday, so we won’t do this one! We will start again after Easter with the 28th April.

Summer Term 2017 – booking opens on 13th March, I will email out on the 13th March

28th April - with Sharon

12th May – with Komala and Stefan – this is in Pant Village Hall this time, sorry people up by Chester, I did try as travelling over from Macclesfield for them is rather a long way! I did book Dodleston Village Hall, then the new booking secretary found later (7 weeks later!) when she was going through every thing ‘very carefully’ that there was a previous booking that was confirmed, i.e. paid for.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any other place in or around Chester that was available that evening at a price that I could afford. The up side is that I already have the booking for Dodleston Village Hall for next year, 2018, of Stefan and Komala’s visit!! :) and of course that we could have Pant Village Hall for this year – phew!!!

26th May  - with Sharon

9th June  - with Sharon

23rd and 24th June – with Bennie. We have our Friday Night Class on the 23rd – the topic is ‘Volcadas’ and then on the Saturday, 24th, 12noon – 3pm  the topic is ‘Wraps’.

14th July  - with Sharon

28th July  - with Sharon