Friday nights

Started in January 2010 and continuing ūüôā

These are held in Pant Village Hall, Pant, SY10 9QG

These two hour workshops are for people who would like to work on their tango in more detail.

We don’t do lots of moves, although sometimes the work leads to wonderful new movements.


Fridays after the Covid lockdowns, 2021 …. Friday Evening Classes

The Friday evening classes are being held each Friday, except the Friday before the Saturday Milongas.

We remain entirely with our own partner for the whole of the two hour class. Limited class numbers

Doors open 7:30pm

Class 7:45pm – 10pm (15 minute break half way through).

Three years + experience required.

Please book on with your own partner. (you are most welcome to have different partners for different evenings ….. ¬†should you wish)

Book on via email with Sharon:-

Dates remaining for this Summer term 2021:-

30th July (two places remaining) – ¬†“1960 – 1963”

6th August¬†(FULL) – “1929”

(Not 13th August as we have a Milonga on 14th August)

20th August (FULL)¬†– “1957 – 1959”

Autumn Term 2021 

Booking is now open for these dates:-

24th September – ‘1930″

1st October – “1955 and 1956” – one couples place available

8th October – “1931” – Full

22nd October – “1954” –¬†one couples place¬†available

29th October – “1932” – one couples place¬†available

5th November – “1953” – one¬†couples place¬†available

12th November – “1933” – Full

26th November – “1952” – Full

3rd December – “1934” – Full

10th December – “1951” – one couples place available