The Argentine Tango classes in Chester are on a Sunday evening.

Venue:- Pulford Village Hall, Wrexham Road, Pulford, Chester, CH4 9EZ

(the Pulford Village Hall website says CH4 9DG for its post code but the maps have this for somewhere else and 9EZ is accurate for Pulford Village Hall)


New Term starts on Sunday 7th January 2018

New Beginners Course at 7pm on that Sunday, 7th January

in Pulford Village Hall.

To enrol for this new beginners course please contact Sharon on

Class times:-

7pm – 8pm = Class 1. Basic Techniques 1. Open to new beginners and all wanting to work on their basic techniques

8:05pm – 8:45pm = Class 2. Basic Techniques 2/3. Open to those with one complete Basic Techniques 1 course and others wishing to repeat this course.

9pm – 9:45pm = Class 3. Basic Techniques 3 +++ For those with approximately more than 18 months experience and already comfortable in close embrace. We will develop our tango further in this class, with Techniques 3++ work.


£7:50 per night if you pay in advance, payable on your first evening of attendance. For this Spring term of 11 weeks it is £82.50. For those paying weekly ‘as you go’ it is £10 per evening. No class on 4th March.


Tango visitors to Chester:- These courses are now for those that are ‘booked on’ rather than ‘drop in’ – however if you are a tango dancer and a guest to Chester wishing to join us for the evening please do, we would love to dance with you :)

We have a new venue after Easter 2016!!

It has a really nice sprung wooden floor and a kitchen!

Free on site car parking :)